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Gem's Advice:

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"In this day and age of action, violence and sex in fiction and video, it's a blessed relief to read something that restores and inspires; that speaks to the soul.

Gem's Story is a timeless fable, a gentle lesson in finding God, and, yes, a love story -- but not the usual sort of love story.

What the two main characters share is very special and rare, but the author imparts the hopeful message that we are all capable of this kind of spiritual love."

Francesca H. Kelly

Editor-in-Chief of the web magazine
Tales from a Small Planet



In past issues of Gem's Advice,

Gem talked about:

  • Why is meditating mountaineering?
  • Is God playing with us?
  • How can I relax?
  • I am afraid in the dark!
  • How to be here and now
  • Doctors
  • Spirituality is about fruits
  • Do I need to be perfect?
  • Freedom
  • Ghosts
  • Resolving a quarrel
  • Being the other
  • You can survive crises
  • A millionaire's child
  • Live dangerously!
  • Your inner light

Gem's answers to spiritual questions can make your life better.

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