Gem's story


The journey of two people
in search of love
and enlightenment


by Joost Boekhoven



A shy girl and a perfect monk are both in search of the ultimate spiritual truth.
But first they need to find themselves - and each other.

"I found it a very enlightening story. It reflects so many things
that [people] struggle with on the spiritual path."

Dada Krpasundarananda, Monk
& Meditation teacher of Ananda Marga
New Zealand


Summary of the previous chapters:

The villagers threaten to kill the monk. Gem rescues him just in time. That night, she lets him sleep in her hut.

Early the next morning, when she is not awake yet, he leaves the village.
He walks the whole day. On the way he sees traces of a vielfrass
, a dangerous predator, and to be safe he crosses a river. But there, too, he discovers vielfrass tracks. He decides not to sleep that night and meditate instead.

However, he is very tired.

(First excerpt)

Autumn, Second Moon, 11th day

I woke up from hot, foul-smelling air that was blown into my face. I frowned. I opened my eyes.

A shock went through my body. Just above me, reflecting the light of the moon, I saw the sharp teeth of a vielfrass.
The big predator growled from deep within his throat. It was about to attack.

I was a man with considerable strength. But I knew that fighting a vielfrass with my bare hands was pointless.
I closed my eyes. I tried, with all the experience of my life as a monk, to surrender to God. This was the end.

The next thing I became aware of was the sound of a thump, and a startled yelp from the vielfrass. A second thump followed. The stinking breath disappeared. I opened my eyes slightly. I saw the stars. The teeth had gone.

Slowly I rolled over and saw the vielfrass running away, slightly limping and yelping with fear.
Dazed, I sat up. "Thank you, oh God," I mumbled.

Then, in the light of the pale moon, I noticed the girl. She stood at a little distance, trembling, a big stone still in her hand.
And her clothes, her hair, everything was dripping wet.


"I found the lessons in self-esteem and self-confidence
that Gem learned very touching."

Amy Gault Anderson, IN, USA

(Second excerpt)

I stayed up the rest of the night. I had to keep the fire going and make sure the vielfrass didn't come back. For a while I tried to do meditation but instead, against my habit, I thought about the future.

What plan of God's was unfolding now? I looked again and again at the girl's face, relaxed and trusting in her sleep.

God had sent her, that was clear. She had to rescue me from certain death. But what now? I didn't want her to stay around any longer than necessary, that was sure. Monks never had company. Certainly not girls.


"Spiritual Master touched my heart and soul, and gave
me an extraordinary feeling of peace."

Kathy Williams, publisher and author of
I Survived/
Thorns of two Roses

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