Gem's story

- a spiritual journey

Joost Boekhoven


  A man, a woman, a search for a deeper meaning in life.
First they need to find themselves - and each other.

Their quest for the Infinite turns out to be full of unexpected events.

Some humorous. Some dangerous.

"Everyone with spiritual understanding will like this book."

John McMillan, Jamaica
Author and multimedia specialist


The setting of the story is long ago.

At the end of a day, a wandering monk enters a small village, hoping to get a little to eat and a place to sleep.

He is not prepared for the hostility of the villagers. He only survives because a girl comes to his rescue.

This girl is Gem. Gem has been waiting for a spiritual teacher for years. She is sure that everything in life has a deeper meaning, but she doesn't know how to find it.

Now she has come in contact with the monk, she wants to join him on his wanderings. She is certain that he has all the answers.

But does he?

Read here excerpts of the novel

Gem's story
- two people's quest for the meaning of life.


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