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Gem's story

Two people make a spiritual journey and find themselves

- and each other.

And more.

Joost Boekhoven

Buying the book


Gem's story can be bought from in the Kindle Edition for $ 7.69. Download Gem's story

and here as a NookBook from Barnes & Noble.

To buy Gem's story as a paperback (123 pages, $11.55) you can click here.
The printed book is also available from Barnes & Noble for $10.96 and from other outlets, or from your local bookstore.

When you order the book, you can receive
"Gem's answers to spiritual questions
for free. Send an email to ask for it.


"I have a hope, indeed a feeling
Gem's story will become a classic,
revered and enjoyed
by young and old."

Dawn Akyurek, UK
teacher of English literature


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