Gem's story

The journey of two people in search of the Truth


 by Joost Boekhoven


What editors, publishers
and other readers said about Gem's story:


Francesca H. Kelly, Editor-in-Chief
of the web magazine Tales from a Small Planet :

"In this day and age of action, violence and sex in fiction and video, it's a blessed relief to read something that restores and inspires; that speaks to the soul.

Gem's story is a timeless fable, a gentle lesson in finding God, and, yes, a love story -- but not the usual sort of love story.

What the two main characters share is very special and rare, but the author imparts the hopeful message that we are all capable of this kind of spiritual love."


"Everyone with spiritual understanding will like this book.

When I had finished reading the book, I felt light and elevated, as if I had drunk from spiritual nectar."

John McMillan, Jamaica
Author and Multimedia specialist



"I resort to Gem's story at times of inner unrest,
when I need some peace of mind,
or when I need to commune with people I really care about.

I can't come up with any adjective good enough to describe
the benefit and positive influence
Gem's story can bring into one's life."

Renuka Ramesh



"The spiritual dimension of the story
is one that will appeal to readers of many faith backgrounds.

Gem's lessons were very helpful to me.
I found the lessons in self-esteem and self-confidence
that Gem learned very touching.

I read a quote that stated that once a person reads a book, it forever becomes
a part of him, for good or for bad.
Gem's story became a part of me for the positive!"

Amy Gault Anderson, IN, USA



"I think Gem's story is a work of art.

It's a blend of psychology, philosophy and spirituality combined with a wonderful talent of writing.

Such a sensitivity! I enjoyed it as much as I learned from it."

Cimen Keskin
Istanbul, Turkey



"When I had started reading, I didn't stop until I finished the
story hours later. I got more and more caught up in it!

I found it a very enlightening story. It reflects so many things
that I (and surely others as well) struggle with on the spiritual path."

Dada Krpasundarananda,
Monk and Meditation teacher of Ananda Marga New Zealand



Kathy Williams, publisher and author of
I Survived / Thorns of two Roses


"The most powerful, uplifting, and spiritual book I
have ever had the pleasure of reading!

Gem's story touched my heart and soul, and gave
me an extraordinary feeling of peace.

The author, Joost Boekhoven,
has done a splendid job of
touching the hearts of others, and left me
wanting more."



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