Gem's story

A man and a woman search for the purpose of life.
One is the teacher. And the other?


by Joost Boekhoven


"When I had finished reading the book
I felt light and elevated,
as if I had drunk from spiritual nectar.

John McMillan, Jamaica
Author and multimedia specialist

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Summary of the previous chapters:

Monks have no company, certainly not girls. But this turns out to be the first broken rule of many.

During their wanderings, Gem learns many spiritual things from her teacher.

(Third excerpt)

Autumn, Third Moon, six hands' day

"Master," I asked today, "Where are we going?"

My teacher looked at me with his usual grave expression. He didn't answer.

I thought about this. Maybe he didn't know? But he was a Gem's story. He had mastered the art of living. He knew what he was doing.

I had asked myself this question before. Why did wandering monks wander?

Because my teacher didn't answer, I started to think more deeply.
After a while I got an idea. "Master, is the journey the goal?" I asked timidly. Maybe this was a very stupid idea. I don't know how it came to my mind.

I thought I saw a flicker of a smile on my teacher's face. However, he slightly shook his head.

We continued walking, and I continued thinking about the question.
After half an hour I came up with a new idea. "Master," I asked eagerly, "is our journey... to God?"
This had to be the right answer.

But my teacher remained silent. I became confused.
"Are we then
not on the way to God?" I asked, finally.

I thought he would again be silent, but after a few moments he spoke.

(end of the excerpt)


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"Gem's story is a blend of
psychology, philosophy and spirituality,
combined with a wonderful talent for writing.

I enjoyed it as much as I learned from it."

Cimen Keskin


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